Day & Night Rituals that help you Reflect, Relax, and Succeed

Create your personal circadian rhythm or body clock with us. This is basically what’s responsible for you feeling energized or drowsy around the same times every day. Implementing a morning/bedtime ritual that you stick to will help you keep your rhythm in sync, allowing you to relax at a specific time each night, so you fall asleep right on schedule.

(1) Cleanse with our White Sage Smudges

Smudging is a ceremony that involves the burning of sacred herbs, set an intension while burning our smudges to start your day in the morning, eg. "Love/ Successful work day/ Sales " for some cases for a cleansing or blessing.

At night, doing the same ceremony, this works as an aromatherapy, release our stress and tension before bed. Everyday we may also absorb negative vibes from the news , people , bosses , friends , strangers , let’s cleanse the energy out 🌸

(2) Amplified your energy with our crystals

Crystals has been using for wishes and manifesting process for thousands of years. Each crystal has its own unique power, with the crystalline matrix, crystals absorb, hold and radiate energy.

Our original Rose Quartz/ Black Onyx/ Tiger Eye crystals stones and beauty tools could be carry with you for travel, protection, meditation and guidance. Click in our website to learn more!

(3) Let go....By YOU

The intension to use the crystals and ceremony is to create a life with harmony, peace, joy and love. And You 100% deserve to live a life that you Love.

Let go means stop over worrying about the future. Breathe, embrace the fact that we are “here", and if you are here, you have the power in your hands "here", at this moment, to create the life you absolutely Love. So let's dive in to a state that assists us in finding contentment and understanding in ourselves.

Much love,

The Rose Rituals.

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