Feeling is your traffic lights 🚦

Hello there Amazing soul ! Welcome to the Rose Rituals community. I am starting this blog to help you create the life you love and to manifest their dreams, and I trust that you could absolute do it.

Feeling is your traffic lights?

Human has 120 different kind of feelings, we are intelligent, complicated, diverse and we have a soul. To sum it up, there's only two kind of feelings: Good or Bad feelings.

Joy / Peace/ Love/ Satisfaction/ Excitement...-> Good

Sadness/ Anger/ Greif/ Disappointed... -> Bad

Your thoughts create your feeling, and you feeling create vibration/ frequency which impact the external situation.

“The outer world is a reflection of the inner world."

Indeed, your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world. If you want to change the world you see, start working on your inner world.

so Feelings are like a GPS telling us , am I on the right path to our desire, to what we want to achieve, our final destination .

Tip to master your feeling:

1. Start be aware of your emotions, quick fix when you aware of you feeling angry, sad....

2. Visualize or take a deep breath, start feeling Gratitude , Thankful for little things: Fresh air that I am breathing, I have clothes to wear. A simple step could make a difference.

3. Move forward to bigger desire when you start mastering your feeling, maybe your dream career, car, house, a perfect spouse....

You can begin to feel abundant and enough right now, to became rich .

You can begin to feel good about your skin and body right now, to became healthy .

You can begin to feel love right now, to attract relationship.

Begin your journey today, start from attract something simple: Attract a cup of coffee tomorrow morning , because I LOVE COFFE.

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