How do I manifest Clear Skin after two years of nightmare

Hello Amazing Souls!

I get you, I really do. Two years ago, my adult acne nightmare began, I tried multiple solutions: expensive facial treatment, peeling, detox massage, green juice, switching to keto diet, vegan diet, purchasing skin care products from dr**k elepha*** / Chan*l .... I did Everything.

and I am about to share 5 Tips that helped me , and will absolutely help you to reclaim your Clear Skin!

1. Appreciation for Food and Drinks

Have you ever heard of "You are what you eat" ?, well, that's 50% true. "You are what you intend to eat" . In this modern age, food is being processed and going through different procedures and finally ended up in our stomach. The food may absorb different energies from people, good or bad. Try to give thanks before you start a meal, and be grateful for the food that you are having, it will have significant effect on your skin.

2. Skin Care Routine with Gratitude Crystals

Do you know that Rose Quartz's healing properties could purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. I apply my serum at night and gently massage my face with my Rose Quartz Beauty Tool , scientifically , it flushed out the toxic in your face from massaging your face outwards; Spiritually, crystals is just a tool but the most important thing is YOU. While you using it , remember to give thanks to the magic working on your skin!

3.Love Yourself

Your inner world reflects to your outer world. You have to love yourself, no matter on sunny or raining days; with clear skin or acne skin, it's still you, when you heart is beautiful, beauty will comes to you. Now go in-front of the mirror, and tell yourself "I love you, ____" .

4. Scripting/ Law of attraction

Writing is a powerful manifestation technique. I call this scripting.

While you writing the "END GOALS" ,

Example: "I am so excited to see and feel more smooth, beautiful skin !"

You want to invoke as much emotion as possible because emotions are what puts you in right vibration of your desire.

So really sit and feel how great and confident you would feel when you have crystal clear skin.

Sign up for my 7 days Magic Guide to get into the habit of daily gratitude writing and intention setting.

5.Let go, Rest, Makeup free!

Going makeup free could allow your skin to rest from chemical, but also is an attitude.

The key here is : let go of the idea that you are someone who always struggles with acne. Instead, embrace a new idea, and a new identity that you are someone who always has really smooth, low maintenance, naturally gorgeous skin! When you stop chasing, stop forcing, be patient, the universe will always comply with your desire. So live as if you have clear skin, and start from today!



  1. Give Thanks when you eat and drink

  2. Skin care with gratitude crystals.

  3. Self love

  4. Scripting

  5. Let go.

By . The Rose Rituals

"We Care for Your Wellbeing and The World We Share"

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