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Hello Amazing Souls! Today I am sharing my experience with you for the best, and most effective beauty tools to you: Water!

Two years ago recalling my adult acne nightmare, by incorporating the beauty techniques I mentioned in my previous blog, Water is indeed the cheapest and most abundant beauty tool we have because it can be found nearly anywhere on the planet.

Most of human civilization can be found near lakes, coasts, river banks or other places in close proximity to a plentiful water source. Water is necessary for human survival but as you will see water also has the power to heal by the way it looks, sounds or feels, too.

How do I make use of AQUA?

(1) Steaming with Water + (2)Soaking in Water + (3)Appreciation to Water

Whenever I saw a pimple popped up on my face, Don't Panic. Not a big deal.

I would jump myself into a relaxing shower, use water to detoxifying my skin with heat. Adjust to a comfortable (HOT) temperature and directly shower the water to my face, also feel and say Thankyou for the beautiful water that heals you. After the shower, gently apply some organic facial oil and look at the result!

Hydrotherapy has many positive effects on the human mind. Hot shower/Sauna is like Steam baths, ease the mind because they cause a person to sweat out toxins which target the brain and can alter mood, thinking and behavior. Neuro-toxicity can increase a person’s likelihood to get cancer, so it is important to remove toxins often. A person is able to sweat out up to thirty percent of their bodily waste which will release many of these toxins through the skin via sweat glands. (Kline) This will lead to improved mental clarity and a better sense of being and is akin to receiving the positive side effects of exercise without the hard work.

And Soaking in water has many beneficial aspects as well, from relaxing to refreshing or restoring health. People have been aware of the healing nature of ‘taking the waters’ from ancient bath houses to modern hot tubs. The acronym ‘SPA’ is an abbreviation for the term "solus par aqua" which means health or healing through water. The bath houses were used to restore health and rehabilitate injuries, much in the same way that exclusives spas do today.

Much Love,

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